Apply For The Buenocraft Police Department

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Apply For The Buenocraft Police Department

Post  Excelero on Sat May 21, 2011 5:27 pm

Sign up for Buenocraft Police now! I Have founded a police department and is looking for members. Requirements: 1 Week on the server, Sword skill 20, And a application! If you wish to join here is the form:

Times spent on server=
Sword skill=
Situation: You are sneaking and see a greifer do his thing. he has leveled 2 houses and keeps on going. What do I do? Note police officers do not have the right to ban=
Why I should pick you=
Are you loyal?=
How much time do you spend on Buenocraft?=

If I accept you, you will recieve full diamond armour and sword. Thank You.


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