Herobrine is in the 1.0.0 Server

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Herobrine is in the 1.0.0 Server Empty Herobrine is in the 1.0.0 Server

Post  ManofBat on Sun Jan 08, 2012 3:43 am

Herobrine is in the server! Creeper_Diamond and I were both attack by him seperatly and together. He is scary! Just be on the lookout for a zombie looking person. He usually appears in a cloud, like a creeper explosion. You don't really kill him either. When he is about to die, he explodes, and dissappears for a short time. He talks, too. Only the other players cannot see the chat he says. Anyone else noticing this. Adam, if youhave something to do with this, don't change it! It's scary, but it is still epic!


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